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Tractive Power Application Worksheet

Please fill out the form below. A customer representative will contact you shortly with the information you requested.

Note: Items marked with an asterisk (*) are required information.

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ZIP/Postal Code:  
Application description:  
Operating environment:  
Gross vehicle weight:  
Number of drives (tires):  
Weight on each drive wheel:  
HP required @ wheel:  
Continuous duty:  
Intermittant duty:  
Int. duty cycle:  
Maximum wheel RPM @ load:  
Gradeability requirement:  
Vehicle speed on grade:  
Flat grade vehicle speed requirement:  
Wheel torque on grade:  
Wheel torque:  
Duty cycle/s:  
Drive wheel size (O.D.):  
Tire type:  
AC? DC?:  
Motor type:  
TENV (Y/N):  
Open (Y/N):  
Axle requirement (output axle wheel interface):  
Drive mounting width (transaxle):  
Wheel mounting flanges (Y/N):  
Flange-to-flange (face) dimension:  
Type (studs & bolt circle):  
Electric parking brake (Y/N):  
Duty (static/dynamic):  
Brake torque required (@ wheel):  
IP protection:  
Agency Approvals:  
Special requirements:  
Yearly quantity:  
Price Target: