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AC Gearmotors - Right Angle
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AC Gearmotors - Right Angle
MC225 Series MC256 Series MC268 Series

Euclid Universal right angle AC gearmotors typically are used in applications that may have limited space where there is need for a compact gear drive. Some applications may require resistance to back driving or require higher ratios in a single reduction. In applications requiring even higher ratios, there are double reduction right angle worm gearmotors available.

These AC gearmotors can be ordered off-the-shelf or we will work with you on your specific requirements to provide the optimal customized solution. Right angle AC gearmotors are used in a wide variety of industrial and other commercial applications. One of the biggest reasons for the wide spread use of right angle AC gearmotors is that they offer far more torque per dollar than other types of gearmotors. So if compactness and price are important to you, this is the gearmotor for your application.





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