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Euclid Univeral - Custom Gear Products

Euclid Universal offers standard right angle and parallel shaft speed reducers as well as custom drives.

Custom gearThe gearbox housings can be made of high strength heat-treated aluminum alloys. Cast iron and steel are also available. We offer food grade finishes, and for the ultimate in wash down, hard coating among the many other options in the configuration, shafting, mounting, inputs, lubrication, temperature, seals and special performance modifications available in standard and custom gearboxes.

Our engineering capabilities allow us to offer a total design or adapt a basic unit to offer the most cost effective solution to your needs.

All gearing is manufactured in-house to industry standards.

Euclid Universal's flexibility in engineering and production affords rapid response in design, prototype and production. Requirements for low volume or orders for several thousand can be handled within our facility at competitive costs.

  • Single & compound reduction, right angle, in-line, parallel, worm, spur and helical
  • Fractional to 20 hp
  • Standard input or flanged
  • Foot, flanged or special mounting
  • Metric shafts available






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