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Gear Reducers - Parallel Shaft
133 Series      

Parallel shaft gear reducers are also called in-line gear reducers because the input shaft and output shaft are parallel to each other. Parallel shaft reducers may be either helical or double worm designs. The standard Euclid Universal in-line gear reducers are double reduction worm designs to achieve the desired ratio or output speed. Our standard design using a double worm to achieve the desired speeds and torque allow for a more compact space saving design as well. This design usually results in a lower cost per inch/pound of output torque. Euclid Universals parallel shaft gear reducers can be ordered off-the-shelf with short lead times on most models, or we will work with you on your specific requirements to provide the optimal customized solution. We can design and build custom helical in-line or helical-worm gear reducers to your specifications using our standard helical gear designs manufactured to AGMA standards.




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